Shelly Chance
    This is an EXCITING time!  At the encouragement of many I am putting together a website in advance of the publication of any of my writings in an attempt to get known prior to the fact!  However, let it suffice to say that one is in submission with positive feedback and preparing for editorial review.  The second one is underway.  Dangerous Secrets is a novel of LDS Romantic Suspense with non-stop, page turning motion that keeps you intrigued and inspired from beginning to end with that special dash of romance and humor.  Kade and Trissity have been married for seven years and are on a romantic anniversary get-away on the luscious island of Cabo San Lucas.  Unable to conceive to date, Trissity discovers she is pregnant just days before they leave and she decides to tell Kade on a special night during their vacation.  Just as she prepares to tell him, they are shot at and begin a desperate run for their lives.  Apparently Trissity isn't the only one with a secret!  Will their marriage withstand the challenge of rebuilding trust?  Will they themselves survive the deadly aim of a hired assassin?  It's action all the way! 
    It's stand alone companion with cross-over characters, titled Hidden Agenda's, brings Trissity's sister Jennika together with Xak Canon, a Major in the military.  But Jennika has a small problem, a mysterious stalker with an obsession for her.  As she and Xak try to enjoy what should be some of the best months of their lives as they prepare to get sealed in the Temple,  the stalker has other plans for his target!
    Get prepared to join in the fun with me as the dream becomes the reality!  Tally ho and away we go!! :)